A collection of brief explainers on the science of the climate and nature crisis, and about the CEE Bill

Why we need action now, not promises for tomorrow

A Brief Summary of the CEE Bill

BBC’s Ros Atkins on the Amercian heatwaves

Prof Tim Jackson on why urgent action is needed

David Attenborough’s stark warning to the UN – 2021

Is the UK really ‘halfway’ to eliminating its carbon emissions?

Guy Watson of Riverford on transitioning from beef to growing nuts

What is Climate Change? The Met Office

David Attenborough on his new documentary

Watch on Netflix here

Why CO2 matters for climate change – BBC News

NASA: Warming from 1880 to 2020

David Attenborough: Climate Change – the Facts

Met Office review of the year for UK – 2019

Good information on the effects of climate change already at play in the UK.

NASA: Why ice loss matters

Carbon Brief: What is a climate ‘tipping point’?

What is Climate Change – BBC

Earth’s natural cycle of heating and cooling – until we changed it

Yes, the earth naturally oscillates between ice ages and warm periods due to fluctuations in atmospheric CO2 concentrations, but look what happens once humans start burning fossil fuels….

How scientists determine CO2 concentrations from long ago

In response to several comments on our Facebook page wondering how on earth scientists can know what CO2 concentrations were hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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