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  • For a handy guide to all the key info on river pollution, check out Zero Hour’s River Pollution page and the River’s Trust Sewage FAQs.
  • Watch BBC Spotlight on the recent sewage protest outside Conservative HQ in South Devon
  • Is the UK really ‘halfway’ to eliminating its carbon emissions? Our new 2 minute video


We are a campaign group working with local MPs and councils to ensure policies on climate change and ecological breakdown follow the science. Currently we are focused on campaigning for the Climate & Ecology Bill to pass into law. The bill is already attracting huge support. If adopted, it would transform the UK’s approach to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Animation by Amy Kate Wolfe and Hannah McNally. Music by Daniel Blake

Why we need the Climate and Ecology Bill

The CE bill is a parliamentary bill drawn up by scientists, academics and lawyers, and supported by a growing cross-party group of almost 100 MPs along with many businesses. It’s not radical. It would simply ensure that Government policy is brought into line with the latest scientific advice.

What would passing the CE Bill achieve?

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What can you do?


Support the Bill

Ask our South Hams MPs Anthony Mangnall & Sir Gary Streeter to support this bill. They have both said they recognise the need for strong action on climate change. But for an MP to challenge Government policy, they need to see a strong groundswell of constituency support. Click on the button above to find out how you can help.


Over 130 South Hams businesses & other organisations signed our recent open letter to Anthony Mangnall MP and Sir Gary Streeter MP asking them to support the CE Bill. Read the letter here, along with Sir Gary’s response. Anthony has not yet replied. More organisations are getting in touch all the time to express their support, and we are looking at setting up a “Supporters of the CE Bill” page on this site, displaying supporter logos. If you’d like to participate, just send us a quick email at

National Campaign

The CE Bill Alliance is co-ordinating a national awareness campaign, meeting with our parliamentary representatives, and providing information to the public. For more information and resources, see the national campaign website


Caroline Lucas – the Case for the CE Bill

Caroline’s powerful speech to Parliament explaining why we need the CE Bill.

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Many people have an ethical objection to using Facebook. We’d be the first to criticise the company for its unethical behaviour over recent years. But we also feel a responsibility to communicate via Facebook to help counter the misinformation spread on their platform by fossil fuel interests, and the unwillingness of mainstream media to communicate fully on the often complex but nonetheless vitally important subject of climate change.